Split Diffusers Ventilation System

Transforma provides a Split Diffuser solution in the case of difficulty to apply a Laminar flow unit, or in the case that smaller ventilation units are required for Operation Rooms. The Split Diffuser ceiling filtration units offer a double function: they are used for housing absolute filters and to distribute air in the rooms. The terminals are made of anodized aluminum frames and diffusers, including H13 absolute filters; suitable for use in operation rooms and other critical areas in a hospital.


TypeDimension (mm)

Nominal Air Flow Rate (Q)
DIF.P 44ABCΓΈm3/hliter/s


Technical Data
Diffuser FrameAnodized Aluminum
Perforated DiffuserAnodized Aluminum
Option: Stainless Steel
HEPA FilterH13 Filter; tested and packaged in clean environments: 513 x 513 x 68h mm
Pressure Drop due to Diffuser10 Pa
Country of OriginItaly

Standards & Certification:

  • ISO 14644.1 from class 5 to 8