Transforma Showroom

LOCATION: Conegliano - Italy
STATUS: Completed


All Wall Panels – GI Steel, Stainless Steel coated and Scotch Bright finish, HPL, PVC, Xorel fabric, Glass, Art work printing on Glass panel, Steel Ceiling panel, RGB Ceiling light, Laminar Flow, Surgeon Control panel, Automatic Sliding Door, X-ray Viewer, PACS viewer, Storage Cabinet, Scrub Sink, Observation Windows, Bed-Head units, Cabinetry, Nrse and reception counter, Meeting room furniture, waiting area, Monitors, general integrated lighting.


720 Sqm floor area in total (Reception, Meeting room, Pediatric area, Dialysis Cubicle, Examination Room, Patient Room & ensuite toilet, ICU Room Operation Theater, OT Block including Scrub Room, Sterile corridor & store).